Creativity drought

Lack of creativity? Let me guess…yoga exercises and stepping out of comfort zone are of little or no help any more? This means you are in creativity drought and looking for inspiration.

Know what is “tunnel vision”? When we get so focused on achieving a goal in music and seek for inspiration only in music while ignoring other arts, we acquire a “tunnel vision”. We see nothing but music. My recommendation: pick up a book or watch a movie with a mind blowing plot and complex characters, and/or discover what’s new in the world of Conceptual art. In other words open your mind and heart to new experiences and feelings. Try to understand what particularly inspires you and why. This will help you find your own remedy of getting out of your creativity drought. As a creator you need to have a vast range of sources of inspiration, and not only musical ones. The more diverse your interests are the wider is your creative palette. 

While single minded focus is not a bad thing in the creative line of work, nevertheless it can lead to a sort of “creativity drought”, you know what I mean :).

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